interpersonal communication, barriers to interpersonal communication, Internet addiction, loneliness, personality, environmental friendliness, psychodrama

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Melnyk, Y., & Podorozhnyi, V. (2022). USE OF PSYCHODRAM AS AN ECOPSYCHOLOGICAL METHOD OF OVERCOMING BARRIERS OF INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION IN DISTANCE LEARNING. Vinnytsia Mykhailo Kotsiubynskyi State Pedagogical University "Personality and Environmental Issues", 1, 23–31. Retrieved from


Recent research suggests that the need for communication is realized in today's youth with certain psychological difficulties due to communication barriers, which in turn may be exacerbated by distance learning and require environmental and effective methods of overcoming.
The article provides a theoretical analysis of the current state of the problem of barriers to interpersonal communication that arise in the context of distance learning. Interpersonal communication is an important and integral part of the life of each individual, barriers that may arise in the process - will significantly affect the emotional and psychological well-being of the individual.
Much attention is paid to distance learning, its features and specifics are analyzed. It is revealed how distance learning affects the psycho-emotional state of the student.
The article considers and analyzes such phenomena as virtual communication and Internet addiction. The peculiarities of partner choice and the specifics of building interpersonal interaction in the process of virtual communication are determined. Research into the phenomenon of Internet addiction has revealed its possible causes and the negative consequences it causes: neglect of family and friendly responsibilities, feelings of emptiness, depression, hiding the truth from family members, problems with learning.
The results of an experimental study of barriers to interpersonal communication, the dominant barrier and the extent of its impact on everyday communication are highlighted. The levels of Internet dependence of respondents were also studied. The results of the study of the levels of subjective experience of loneliness are demonstrated. Statistical data processing was performed in order to identify correlations between the studied phenomena.
The expediency of using the method of psychodrama as one of the most effective methods of overcoming barriers to interpersonal communication is proposed and substantiated. Psychodrama is a method of group psychotherapy, which consists in acting out by members of a psychotherapeutic group scenes from their lives, in which, in particular, conflict or traumatic situations can be reproduced.



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