About the Journal

The journal «Personality and Environmental Issues» presents the results of basic and applied environmental research in the fields of psychology, pedagogy, social work, industrial technology, agriculture, chemistry, geography and biology.

The publication was created to provide opportunities for scientists, environmentalists, specialists in environmental psychology, as well as teachers, graduate students and applicants for higher education, coverage of the results of modern research in ecology, environmental psychology, theoretical and methodological aspects of the development of environmental awareness and environmental protection, improving the quality of environmental education and highlighting the experience of best environmental and environmental-psychological practices; creating conditions for public discussion and testing of theoretical and practical scientific research in the field of human interaction with the environment.

Thematic directions of the magazine:

  • Industrial and municipal waste management
  • Environmental technologies and products,
  • Energy saving technologies
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Climate change in the environment
  • Processing and use of mineral resources
  • Surface, groundwater and wastewater treatment
  • Prevention of air pollution
  • Protection and reclamation of soils, reclamation and revitalization of degraded areas
  • Toxicants in the environment
  • Protecting the rural environment
  • Restoration and protection of the urban environment
  • Prevention of physical pollution in the environment
  • Environmental Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
  • Simulation and computer simulation for the environment